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Creative differences

We're at a turning point, the age of automated writing upon us. It’s changing how words are commissioned for business communication. Right now it's not clear how far those changes will go, and there's plenty of concern about the consequences.

AI developments raise big questions about society, about how we want to live and relate to each other, but even in more everyday contexts of business behaviour we'll need to weigh the speed and cheapness of AI-generated text against the value of thoughtfulness and real imagination. We need to decide what matters.

There are times when it will make sense to use AI texts. I also understand how SEO works and why it matters in marketing communication, though I'd argue that AI is also changing the search landscape and current rules may not apply. But I'm not especially interested in churning out basic "content" for social media. I care about language, about how it gets used, and the ways it may influence how we think. There are still many contexts in which you'll do better without the distortions of SEO, in internal communication, in print and other places where you might be speaking to a known audience. In these contexts the craft of writing is still as relevant as ever.

I have a world of experience writing for business, mostly as a freelancer though I started my career working in-house before an eight year spell in a couple of ad/PR agencies, combining those craft skills with account management. Much of what I've written has been about technology, and that still fascinates me, particularly its influence on the ways we think and act. But as you'll see my experience spans healthcare to financial services, across digital and print media. I keep a close eye on many industry trends, and my research skills mean I can assimilate new information quickly and effectively.

So what now?

If you have a project that will do some good in the world, I'd be happy to help, at any level.

And if your organisation routinely speaks like a robot, internally or externally, let's have a conversation about making things better (how we speak influences how we think and behave, since language itself is a form of behaviour).

I have the experience to work with the most senior executives. I think hard and wide about how business works, about its contexts and its social relations. I'm a fellow of the RSA, and the Institute of Internal Communication, an organisation I chaired as it was brought into being. I understand the differences and linkages between the ways you can communicate with internal and external groups or stakeholders.
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I’ve written for many different media and channels, for print and digital publication, for speech and voice scripts, for short and long form copy. I can modulate tone of voice, writing journalism, technical help, sales and explanatory texts, taking complex material and presenting it in an accessible way. read more ...
paul@brasington.co.uk    +44 7798 913129
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