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Internal communication is about listening to the stories that get told in an organisation, and creating a productive context for those stories to develop.
Formal internal communication once consisted mostly of company newspapers and magazines. Those producing them had a trade body which in the early 1990s became the British Association of Communicators in Business. I joined when I turned freelance, and served twice as its chairman, playing an instrumental part in steering it to become what is now the Institute of Internal Communication: the big idea is to start creating the kind of professionalism internal communication needs to move forward.  
I’ve spent much of my professional career producing formal internal communication material, including newspapers and magazines which I set up, managed editorial, and commissioned design and print. I’ve done this for organisations as diverse as garden machinery manufacturers and trade unions. I’ve worked on digital publications including extended work for BT and Vodafone and provided consultancy support as well as implementation materials for the likes of O2 and the media buying giant Aegis.
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