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I’ve written extensively about technology and its impact on our lives, translating tech speak into readable prose. I’m not any kind of scientist, but I have a curious mind and sure antennae for what matters. I have enough basic knowledge of many fields to talk intelligently to technical people, and from there create detailed explanatory copy for the non-technical.
I’ve been engaged on wide-ranging projects for the telecoms giant BT, on everything from internal product and strategic CEO briefings to digital newsletters and customer/community brochures. I’ve produced sales and strategic briefing information for Vodafone, worked on internal comms strategy for O2, and sales team support for Cisco.
I’ve produced sector and trade communication for Microsoft, sector communication for Logica, and comprehensive sales collateral for datacentre equipment specialist Datacentience. I wrote a complete help system for Commerzbank’s online trading operation, and worked extensively with the former national agency for technology in education (Becta), on materials ranging from internal communication strategy, through annual reports and senior management presentations to ad copy.
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