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Society, health and education

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I’ve written internal and external materials for BT’s CSR function and worked over several years on the website and membership communication for BP’s Target Neutral initiative, designed to encourage more responsible car use. I’ve also written positioning and most of the original website for the dCarbon8 consultancy (now absorbed into Deloitte) and its offshoot Planet Positive initiative.
In happier times I wrote the Foreign Office website explaining how the EU works and why it’s a good thing.
I have wide experience in different aspects of healthcare provision and public health campaigning, with the European Commission’s Europe Against Cancer initiative, with the NHS on its national burns unit strategy, and with GlaxoSmithKline on internal communication and briefing materials
I have worked extensively with the (now defunct) national agency for technology in education (Becta), on materials ranging from internal communication strategy, through annual reports and senior management presentations to ad copy. I’ve also written presentations for senior people in the Department of Education, white papers on technology in education for Microsoft, and a range of materials for City University in London, including prospectuses and community action reporting.
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