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How I can help

I can help you make words work for your business, to frame the stories that communicate or connect.
Stories help us make sense of what we’re doing, changing how we think. A good story stays in our mind; it’s something we relate to, and want to relate to others. It’s a social instrument, a means of creating interaction.
I’ve been writing stories since I was eight. I became fascinated by words, and as I followed that fascination through academic studies and into work I began to think hard about meaning, about how we create it and how we find it in our lives, in our sense of identity and the things we identify with.
There is, to put it bluntly, a lot of bullshit around business communication, a lot of unexamined assumptions about how words can work. I have the experience and critical intelligence to operate at a senior consultancy level, asking the questions that can cut through the slack, enabling me to craft words that do only useful things.
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